Photo by Ed Weinberg


I’ve carved out a small specialty as an editor of already-translated English text, whether in corporate projects for Hyundai, LG and Nestlé Vietnam or in one-to-one editing. I’ve worked with Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese-native writers, aiming to preserve the feeling and nuance they intend.

I’ve edited English translations for the following companies and organizations:

CCWG (Climate Change Working Group of Vietnam) — edited a position paper on Vietnam’s nationally determined contributions toward achieving its low-carbon goals

Hyundai — edited surveys and training manuals for internal sales force use

LG — edited internal documents for production department and HR use

Nestlé — edited print brochure and video script for Nestlé Vietnam CSR program, Nescafé Plan

Roche Diagnostics Korea — edited scientific studies and Commercial Excellence Awards entries

TOMOChain — edited two papers by the issuer of a popular Vietnamese cryptocurrency

WISET (Korea Center for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology) — edited president’s address to WISET members

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