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In 2019 and 2020, I wrote for CannabisMD, a site with expert-driven coverage of the cannabis and CBD industries.

Despite my cannabis abstinence, I developed my expertise writing about topics as varied as CBD-infused bedsheets (they last up to 30 washings), medical cannabis refugees, and The Thing That Cannabis and Taco Bell Have In Common.

Beneath it all, I found the same basic human stories: the impulse toward discovery and innovation, the instinct for power, the fear of the other, the difference that perspective makes, the leveraging of morality in the service of something less altruistic. Strands of big business, racism, the line between natural medicine and pseudo-science, the fluid morality of marketing and the urge toward altered states of being have come together in the push toward creating a new outlet for globalistic enterprise — which some argue is a better thing to spend our money on than the current commercially-available distractions.

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