Dear seekers of connection and nuance,

(and those looking for good copy, fastish)

I’m Ed Weinberg, a content marketing writer, editor, and project manager.

I’ve worked with Fortune Global 500 companies in Vietnam and Korea, in cultural journalism and cause-based social media. I have perspective and passion for the undercurrents that are moving our world forward.


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I’ve written on everything from voice commerce to textiles, kite surfing to cannabis, for magazines, wire services, websites, trade publications, social media channels and my own enjoyment. Click here for some examples.


I was managing editor of the largest English-language magazine in Vietnam, and lead subeditor for the English edition of the largest business publication in Vietnam. I’ve also edited 5 books and countless smaller projects. Click here for examples and a breakdown of my services.


I’ve been a magazine editor, social media guy, journalist, art scene participant and bartender — I have a decent amount of perspective to draw on, versatile vision, an eye for detail and a nose for bullsh*t. Click here for a social media case study.


I’ve got first rate design sensibilities and second rate skills. That means that you shouldn’t pay me to do design work but I’m a capable digital storyteller who’s good for image selection and moving stuff around in a pinch. Yup, I did this website, as well as the books, event flyers and spatial arrangements you can see here.

Refining Translations

I’ve carved out a small specialty as an editor of already-translated English text, whether in corporate projects for Hyundai, LG and Nestlé Vietnam or in one-to-one editing. I’ve worked with Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese-native writers, aiming to preserve the feeling and nuance they intend. Check out some examples here.

Project Management

In my editorial roles, I believed in “scaffolding” to support my team members — with Trello boards, style guides, article briefs, the “compliment sandwich” method of writer feedback, internal newsletters, and friendly and reliable email etiquette. Click here to see a dumb internal newsletter I once sent.

Editing highlights

Word Vietnam

During my three years as Deputy then Managing Editor, I worked with writers on individual stories, as well as other editors in determining overall content and presentation.

Vietnam Investment Review

I was lead sub-editor of the English edition of the largest business publication in Vietnam, where I worked on sponsored articles with GE, PetroVietnam, Siemens, VietJet, Samsung, Bayer and AkzoNobel. 

Holy Dragon Imperator

I edited the English translation of the first Vietnamese winner of an International MANGA Award.

Special publication for APEC 2017

Edited a special publication for the 2017 APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Economic Leaders’ Week; the book included sponsored articles from multinationals like Samsung Vietnam, Nestlé Vietnam and Coca-Cola Vietnam, along with many local corporations.

Two books for Inge Auerbacher

Edited two books for a Holocaust educator and child survivor of the Holocaust (as described in Children of Terror) and tuberculosis (as depicted in Finding Dr. Schatz).


Planned content, edited articles in a teaching capacity and copyedited the finished products for a bilingual Spanish–English magazine, made by and for bilingual high school students. Also taught student workshops on journalistic techniques.


I’ll take on anything from a developmental edit to a copy edit. I love projects. Get in touch by clicking here.

I am available on a per-project basis or on retainer. Reach out so we can talk specifics.

A social media case study

Animals Asia’s “Saddest Zoo in the World” campaign

These are the first two posts in a campaign to put pressure on China’s largest ocean park operator, which had just opened the “saddest zoo in the world” (this is a nice little word cluster that would launch a hundred headlines, everywhere from ABC and Fox News to the Washington Post, South China Morning Post and Huffington Post).

I wrote these posts for Animals Asia, where I worked at the time as International Content Manager. 

The campaign would ultimately collect 867,000 online signatures on its way to pressuring the operators of the Grandview Aquarium into cooperating with Animals Asia in improving the animals’ situation, rehoming the “world’s saddest polar bear” and driving donations and awareness for Animals Asia’s other work.

In the 10 months that the campaign remained active, our Facebook page likes increased from 182,000 to 228,000 and our Twitter followers grew from 62,000 to 78,000, both an increase over the previous growth curve.


Through our online petition, we gave a reason for others picking up the story to link back our way, and an actionable reason for readers to follow those links. And we gave outlet to the feelings we’d stirred up with the story, creating a full loop between communicating information and reader response.

Companies and organizations I've worked with:

People I've worked with:

"I worked with Ed for three years and found him to be one of those people who takes pride in his work. It’s a motivator that saw him turn out thorough, meticulously researched copy that was not only a pleasure to read but a joy to edit. Always searching out new and increasingly creative angles, he showed himself adept in adapting his voice to the needs of the article. Whether it was as a writer, a deputy editor or as managing editor, Ed proved that he could thrive in any role and in any situation."
"This guy is an editor/project manager's dream: a writer who can proactively conduct his own research, tackle new topics without hesitation, nail the desired voice ... and deliver it all on time. Ed's content is consistently well-written, carefully considered, and always prompt. Big thumbs up."
"Ed is one of the best journalists I’ve worked with in my career. He turns in sparkling clean copy, he has a unique voice that can be calibrated to any task, and he has an uncanny knack for finding fresh angles on well-worn topics. His turnaround times are remarkably fast. Regardless of the subject matter, his stories are clever, thorough, and meticulously researched. I can’t recommend him highly enough."